2016 League Winners

Here are the trophy winners for the 2016 league. (To qualify for a trophy, riders had to complete 5 rounds, one of which had to be off-road (speedway or cyclocross).

Congratulations to all – and not forgetting the efforts also put in by all the other riders.  In total:

  • 224 children took part in the league this year
  • 22% of them were girls
  • The A boys had the most competitors (51 riders) but the lowest average of rounds completed per competitor (1.8 rounds)
A boys:
  1. Isaac Peatfield
  2. Ben Barlow
  3. Bobby Horton
A girls:
  1. Helen Osguthorpe
B boys:
  1. Tyler Koch
  2. Benjamin Peatfield
  3. Andrew Lemm
B girls:
  1. Melissa Boylin
  2. Isabelle McKinnon
C boys:
  1. Ethan Cuerden
  2. Callum Williams
  3. Thomas Purcell
C girls:
  1. Evelina Black
  2. Erin Corrigan
D boys:
  1. Morgan Williams
  2. Joseph Cosgrove
  3. Archie Honeysett
D girls:
  1. Megan Lloyd
  2. Neve Laycock
E boys:
  1. Daniel Cosgrove
  2. Kaden Williams
  3. Edward Black
E girls:
  1. Charlotte Kilroy




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