Astley & Tyldesley Round 2 Results 20May2017

Cycle Speedway event

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46 riders competed at Astley & Tyldesley, for the cycle speedway event of the six rounds North West Youth League. The riders enjoyed a thirty minutes coaching session taken by A&T Coach Will Evans, before embarking on racing. Early morning bright sunshine made way for a steady drizzle by the end of the first match.

U-8 Grand Prix Finals:

In the u-8s match, home riders Frank White and Aiden Green raced unbeaten in the qualifiers, before taking 1st and 2nd places respectively in the Grand Prix ‘A’ Final, ahead of Harry Ball of Salt Ayre Cog Set.

‘A’ Final: 1st Frank White (Astley & Tyldesley); 2nd Aiden Green (Astley & Tyldesley); 3rd Harry Ball (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 4th Freddie Cox (Astley & Tyldesley).

‘B’ Final: 1st Christopher Frank (Bolton Hot Wheels); 2nd Jake Honeysett (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 3rd James Sutton (Bolton Hot Wheels); 4th Tyler Williams (Harry Middleton).

U-10 Grand Prix Finals:

A&T’s Duncan Whalley went through the card unbeaten in the u-10s event. Megan Lloyd of Harry Middleton CC was runner-up, ahead of Jonathan Frank of Bolton Hot Wheels.

‘A’ Final: 1st Duncan Whalley (Astley & Tyldesley); 2nd Megan Lloyd (Harry Middleton); 3rd Jonathan Frank (Bolton Hot Wheels); 4th Oliver Ball (Salt Ayre Cog Set).

‘B’ Final: 1st Fraser Brundrett (Astley & Tyldesley); 2nd Fraser Cummings (Buxton CC); 3rd Alex Sutton (Bolton Hot Wheels); 4th Elliott Pitlovits (Bolton Hot Wheels).

‘C’ Final: 1st Kaden Williams (Harry Middleton CC); 2nd Oscar Belt (Astley & Tyldesley); 3rd Esme Glossop (Bolton Hot Wheels).

U-12 Grand Prix Finals:

Current British u-10 Grand Prix Champion, John White, of Astley & Tyldesley raced unbeaten in the u-12s category. Morgan Williams, of Salt Ayre Cog Set, also raced unbeaten in the qualifiers, before finishing 2nd in the final, ahead of Ethan Grimshaw, of Eastlands Velo.

‘A’ Final: 1st John White (Astley & Tyldesley); 2nd Morgan Williams (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 3rd Ethan Grimshaw (Eastlands Velo); 4th George Croasdale-Clegg (Red Rose Olympic).

‘B’ Final: 1st Archie Honeysett (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 2nd Harry Clegg (Bolton Hot Wheels); 3rd Ben Pitlovits (Bolton Hot Wheels); 4th Monty Nelhams (Salt Ayre Cog Set).

‘C’ Final: 1st Emilia Wood (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 2nd Dan Eastham (Red Rose Olympic); 3rd Imogen Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels); 4th Neve Laycock (Bolton Hot Wheels).

‘D’ Final: 1st Shaun Laycock (Bolton Hot Wheels); 2nd Isla Glossop (Bolton Hot Wheels).

U-14 Grand Prix Finals:

With just three entrants for the u-16s event, the u-14 and u-16 riders combined for the qualifiers, before racing in separate finals. Astley & Tyldesley’s British u-14 Grand Prix Champion, Max Evans, raced unbeaten in the qualifiers, before taking the win in the u-16 Final. Tyler Koch, of Mossley CRT, was 2nd in the u-16 Final, ahead of Melissa Boylin, of Sportcity Velo. Ben Peatfield, of Green Jersey RT and Callum Williams, of Salt Ayre Cog Set, both scored 14 points in the u-14 qualifiers and went on to take 1st and 2nd places respectively in the final, with Jake Edwards, of Salt Ayre Cog Set finishing 3rd.

‘A’ Final: 1st Ben Peatfield (Green Jersey RT); 2nd Callum Williams (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 3rd Jake Edwards (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 4th John Roberts (Salt Ayre Cog Set).

‘B’ Final: 1st Tom Lees (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 2nd William Dykes (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 3rd Nancye Roberts (Salt Ayre Cog Set); 4th Erin Corrigan (Liverpool Century).

‘C’ Final: 1st Rhys Davies (Preston Pirates); 2nd Cameron Wood (Salt Ayre Cog Set).

U-16 Grand Prix Final:

‘A’ Final: 1st Max Evans (Astley & Tyldesley); 2nd Tyler Koch (Mossley CRT); 3rd Melissa Boylin (Sportcity Velo).

Referees – Catherine White and Chas Whalley.

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