NWYL: 2018 Events

Please see the British Cycling website for event entry details.

Qualifying number of rounds used for the overall standings to be confirmed shortly, see NWYL rules.

There are currently 6 rounds in the table below, there may be more yet!

Round 1

Jack Humphreys

Grizedale. Part of the CrankIT MTB series,  Mountain Bikes, Results 17 June 2018

Sunday 10am

Round 2

Mike Hack

Astley & Tyldesley, BC Website Page, Cycle Speedway, Results 7 July 2018

Saturday 10am

Round 3

Martin Woffindin

Steven Burke Hub,  Nelson,  Cycle Sport Pendle,
BC Website Page,  Circuit Racing,  Results
21 July 2018

Saturday 10am

Round 4 – Ian Kendall Litherland, Liverpool, Liverpool Century RC, BC Website page , Circuit Racing, Results 28 July 2018

Saturday 10am

Round 5

Tom Leivers

Palatine Blackpool, BYCA, Circuit Racing, Results 4 August 2018

Saturday 10am

Round 6

Marianne Day

Salt Ayre, Lancaster, Salt Ayre Cog Set, Cyclo Cross, Results 29 Sep 2018

Saturday 10am

NOTE: the times above are RACE start times. Please check the event website for signon times. You are advised to arrive well before the start time.

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