NWYL: 2022 Events

Please see the British Cycling website for event entry details.

The final event at Salt Ayre will include presentations. There will be a short break after the races to update league tables.

1Harraby, Carlisle23/4/2022Fiona Graham, Carlisle Cycling Association. BC Link
2Litherland22/5/2022Gary Scott, North Cheshire Clarion. BC Link
3Marsh Tracks, Rhyl12/6/2022Rhyll CC
4Tameside18/6/2022Bolton Hot Wheels. BC Link
5Preston Arena26/6/2022Red Rose Olympic. BC link
6Steve Burke Hub, Nelson3/7/2022Martin Woffindin, Cycle Sport Pendle. BC Link
7Salt Ayre, Lancaster16/7/2021Stuart Parker, Salt Ayre Cog Set. BC Link
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