League Rules


League rules for 2022.

The league is open to all youth category cyclists from Youth A (Under 16)to Youth E (Under 8).

Event Entry

Events for 2022 are strictly pre-entry using the British Cycling website race entry system.

Criterium events

For each age category this year, organisers will run a single, longer race. It is hoped that this approach will better prepare our regional riders for National criterium events.

Categories may be grouped or split depending on entry numbers and starters on the day, with results produced by category. Start times and race duration may be adjusted depending on the number of entries, and safe circuit limits.

Event Results and BC Points

At each event,  a result for each race or competition will be produced for each of the 5 age categories, male and female. Where categories race together, the results will be separated.

NWYL points are awarded for each race, category and gender combinations:  50, 49, 48, 47 etc  for 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th etc places. 

BC road ranking points are awarded for Youth A and B races. 

NWYL Standings

Event overall scores will be added to the league standings for each of the 5 age categories and gender.

Ties on league standing points: the number of highest positions will break the tie, then next highest etc.

To be confirmed for 2022: (Counting events:  up to 5 events all to count, then best 5 if more completed).

Rule Changes

Each year the number of events may differ, so affecting the league standing calculations. League rules will be updated on this page each year.

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